Centre Philosophy

We consider it to be the ethical responsibility of all staff to:

  • Be familiar with the knowledge base of Early Childhood Education.
  • Recognise and respect the uniqueness and potential of each child.
  • Create and maintain Safe and Healthy settings that foster children’s Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Development.

Support the rights of children with Special Needs to participate, consistent with their abilities in the regular Early Childhood Programmes.

Durack Early Childhood & Pre-School Centre operates with the belief that each child is unique, bringing to the learning situation individual needs and wants. Therefore we believe:

  • That positive and productive learning experiences take place in a stimulating and warm environment.
  • That a young child’s educational setting should be one which the child can feel part ownership of – a place that they helped create.
  • That it should be ever-changing yet predictably supportive when necessary.

We aim to provide a quality learning environment, with specific limits and routines. We also provide a secure and stable climate so that each child may grow to their maximum potential in all areas of development.

Therefore we endeavour to provide a child-centred programme where each child’s ideas and interests are valued; where the atmosphere is one in which children feel comfortable being both active participants and/or interested spectators and an environment which accepts and respects each child irrespective of race, religion, family background or appearance.

Therefore our aims are:

  • To recognize and positively respond to the individual attributes of each child.
  • To provide for the children’s Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Development.
  • To encourage children to become active learners by participating in a variety of activities.
  • To encourage parents to be partners in their child’s learning.

Durack Early Childhood & Pre-School Centre is committed to quality care and education of all the children and to develop in children a love of learning.